Sunday, 20 July 2014


I'm not gonna lie, weekends are booooring, and when I get bored, I start playing around with colours on my face. I love an edgier lip, and I was really surprised by how easy making this gold colour was- I first applied a coat of lip balm to my lips so the eyeshadow could stick to something, and them bam! 80s realness. I also found that, once the balm had dried, giving my brush a little lick had the same sticking effect.

This probably isn't something I'd do a lot- as much as I love the colour, it's very drying though weirdly it has better staying power than lipstick! 

When weird and wonderful lip colour is this easy, why use anything else?


FACE: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, Benefit Boing Concealer in Light, Benefit Pore O'Clock Primer, Benefit Fake-Up Concealer in Light, Illamasqua Sculpting Powder, Benefit Brow Zings in Deep

EYES: MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect, Urban Decay Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Radium

LIPS: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked

Victoria xx

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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Lately there's been a wave of clothes coming out that I've adored- always just when you're low on funds, eh? I'm not a girl who's comfortable with hotpants, so these American Apparel are perfect with their slightly longer length. I think this Topshop duster coat is a great cover-up for the warmer weather, while still be visually fascinating with the lace detail, and this Pom Collar Dress from Lazy Oaf's newest collection 'Space Oddity' is my new love. We're channelling some 90s realness with Pretty Zombie's Liquid Lipstick in '3 Witches' (sorry not sorry), and Regal Rose's velvet choker brings a hint of goth while still being absurdly cute.

What's your dream summer outfit?

Victoria xx

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Not a huge lot to say on this one, except these shoes are DA BOMB. I adore them, though SLB don't seem to have them in pink anymore (sob), but after a quick Google search I found more here, so they're easy to find! Party.

Victoria xx

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Monday, 14 July 2014


I must confess that normally I'm far from what you would describe as a 'football fan'. However, when something as huge as a World Cup runs around, it's hard not get to infected by all the excitement. As such, on final day yesterday my housemate Jake and I decided to do something special.

Every summer in Brighton, a huge screen is erected on the beach where anyone can come down and watch films and big TV events like Wimbledon or in this case, the World Cup, for absolutely free. It's a fantastic way to spend an evening, and Steve Coogan even put in an appearance this week to introduce the screening of his film 'Alpha Papa. Believe me, sitting on the beach with some chips and a film on is not the worst way you can spend your summer.

While I didn't really have any hope for England making it anywhere near the final, I always had a soft spot for Germany, and it was getting more and more exciting seeing the team advance through each stage. The game with Brazil last week was unbelievable, though probably not as unbelievable as my housemate thought it was when she saw me sitting on the sofa cheering Germany on in front of my laptop. I was hugely excited to see a team I actually supported get to a final for anything, so I knew I had to do something fun for it, and when I realise the Big Screen would be showing the game, I just had to go!

Sitting down on the beach waiting for the game to begin, there was very much a festival vibe going on. Everyone was showing their support, from face paint, to flags, to even a cowbell. I was surprised how organised the whole thing was- no one was standing and blocking the view, everyone was very polite and respectful, there was even food.

The game itself, for anyone who watched it knows, was so, so tense. When Germany scored just minutes before penalties were to begin, the whole beach went absolutely wild, and when the win was finally confirmed, the crowd was ecstatic. Germany had way more fans present than Argentina, no doubt due to a feeling of European brotherhood and a large presence of German visitors, and that was reflected in the masses of celebrations all around.

I have to say though, the Big Screen was definitely the star of the match. I had a huge amount of fun, and it felt like so much more of an event than just watching from home. You can't beat a sea breeze while watching your team score, right?

Victoria xx

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Thursday, 3 July 2014


Pictured: Lazy Oaf Skull Smock Dress (old), London Rebel Bar Loafers

Lazy Oaf is my favourite label at the moment, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled on one of my favourite bloggers, Hannah Louise Fashion, was selling this beautiful skull dress on Depop. (Over the moon, I tells ya.) I must admit it's slightly thicker than I'd expected, so might be better once it gets colder, but those skulls are too cute to ignore.

The shoes are technically my 'interview shoes' so I shouldn't be wearing them outside, but I thought the shine of the PVC contrasted really nicely with the dress. As ever, I don't really ~accessorise~ in general but you could easily wear a long, dangling necklace with this.

Victoria xx

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Sunday, 29 June 2014


(Image from here.) 

For someone like me living in a country like the UK without a high street chain dedicated solely to beauty products, Sephora is like the Holy Grail of retail. Sephora, for anyone who isn't aware of its existence, is a beauty chain of stores that operates in the USA, China, Canada and Europe (but not here, sob), stocking makeup, perfume, skincare, brushes, everything you can think of.

Having read about Sephora in great detail over at my favourite subreddit r/MakeupAddiction, I was anxious to try out such a lauded store while I had the chance.

My first impression is that it was so BIG. Instead of makeup counters like a department store with dedicated staff at each station, it was more like a higher-end version of Boots or Superdrug with many different stands, all of different brands. I'd say the brands were all of a much higher quality that you'd find at any typical Boots however- think Benefit and Urban Decay, over Miss Sporty and Maybelline.

Having done some research beforehand, I beelined straight away for the Kat Von D stand. Kat Von D is one of my favourite 'celebrities', and for the last few years she's been working with Sephora to produce a few makeup collections, all items of which have received very good reviews and ratings. The image of the collections has been very much in-line with Urban Decay's rocky, grunge feel, so of course I couldn't leave America without trying some.

I purchased the Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette, and the Everlasting Love Liquid Liptick in 'Jeffree', a hot pink liquid lipstick. Both products I hope to be discussing in more depth in a separate post, but from what I've tried so far they seem to be of a really high quality and good colour. From what I've heard, Kat Von D also does a fantastic concealer and foundation line that, while I didn't get the chance to try, is apparently fantastic, and worth a try if you get the chance.

My other purchases also included Urban Decay's Waterproof Eyeliner in 'Radium', OCC's Lip Tar in 'Pool Boy' and Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Powder Duo in 'Auburn', which I won't go into too much detail now to save them for future posts.

I can't really say much on the service at Sephora- I didn't ask anyone for help, but neither did anyone approach me to see if I needed any. I've heard mixed stories on the Sephora staff, so I guess as in the UK, the quality changes depending on the store.

For me, Sephora is a must-visit for a makeup fan whilst in America, and I wish wish wish they'd open a branch over here. For now, Sephora will ship to the UK but only for orders totalling £75+, so if you're looking to splurge, I'd suggest making a visit there!

Victoria xx

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Thursday, 26 June 2014


For five days over the past week I was fortunate enough to be taken on holiday to Florida by my dad as a graduation present. After a nine-hour flight from London, we stayed in a motel-style hotel in the most touristey area I have ever seen in my life. Who knew one could fit that many different styles of restaurant and gift shop in such a small area? It's hardly surprising though, and there's no denying that America doesn't do things by half! CSI: The Experience anyone?

Of course we did the standard tourist gig- Disney, Universal, and Kennedy Space Centre. Universal and Disney were both great, though I think Universal is more suited to teenagers and young adults than Disney, which was far more of a child-friendly theme park.

Universal was fantastic- as there's two huge parks worth of things to see, there was much more variety of activities and rides on offer than in Disney, my personal highlights being the Harry Potter Wizarding World and the Simpsons area, both containing the best rides in the parks, and the best rides of my holiday. With Diagon Alley opening in a July and a new Gringotts ride, I'd say this is definitely worth the time and money for any Harry Potter fan.

As I said, Disney is definitely more targeted towards young children than Universal. There are pretty much zero 'thrill rides', apart from Space Mountain, and if it wasn't for the and the undeniable care and work gone into representing the Disney universe and that 'magic factor' I'd pretty much dismiss going there at all. 

The one thing that really disappointed me about Disney was that, through it targeting mainly small children, it that the merchandise on sale was all toys and costumes, and almost nothing for older Disney fans.

I think it's really surprising that for a company who's theme parks are often the location of many proposals, wedding parties and so on, there's not really much offered for that age range. For example, there was absolutely nothing on sale for the new Maleficent film, which as their newest 'big' film is really odd to me. Looking online I've found a few things, but there was no mention of it at all in the park or the Downtown store, despite the fact it's meant to be the biggest Disney store in the world!

However, the Festival of Fantasy Parade was AMAZING. I've always loved the Disney parades, and this one was truly fantastic. The clockwork dragon Maleficent breathed actual fire and all the floats were just so adorable and pretty. I was kinda surprised that Frozen didn't get it's own float (it shared half of one with Princess and the Frog), and apparently Cinderella was there but I completely missed her?! Oops.

Kennedy Space Centre is a really interesting thing to do if you want a different experience from the theme parks. It's definitely not very kid-friendly though, and any children I did see looked pretty bored about the whole thing. I thought it was great, but it could use a bit of updating and modernising, though it is a working space centre so it can hardly do the whole 'theme park' thing.

In short America was lovely- I even managed to get some time in at a Sephora, which I'll go into more in another post. I ate wayyyyy too much fried food, and I feel like a huge lump of potato right now. Guess it's time to eat some of that 'fruit' stuff now..

Victoria xx

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