Monday, 14 July 2014


I must confess that normally I'm far from what you would describe as a 'football fan'. However, when something as huge as a World Cup runs around, it's hard not get to infected by all the excitement. As such, on final day yesterday my housemate Jake and I decided to do something special.

Every summer in Brighton, a huge screen is erected on the beach where anyone can come down and watch films and big TV events like Wimbledon or in this case, the World Cup, for absolutely free. It's a fantastic way to spend an evening, and Steve Coogan even put in an appearance this week to introduce the screening of his film 'Alpha Papa. Believe me, sitting on the beach with some chips and a film on is not the worst way you can spend your summer.

While I didn't really have any hope for England making it anywhere near the final, I always had a soft spot for Germany, and it was getting more and more exciting seeing the team advance through each stage. The game with Brazil last week was unbelievable, though probably not as unbelievable as my housemate thought it was when she saw me sitting on the sofa cheering Germany on in front of my laptop. I was hugely excited to see a team I actually supported get to a final for anything, so I knew I had to do something fun for it, and when I realise the Big Screen would be showing the game, I just had to go!

Sitting down on the beach waiting for the game to begin, there was very much a festival vibe going on. Everyone was showing their support, from face paint, to flags, to even a cowbell. I was surprised how organised the whole thing was- no one was standing and blocking the view, everyone was very polite and respectful, there was even food.

The game itself, for anyone who watched it knows, was so, so tense. When Germany scored just minutes before penalties were to begin, the whole beach went absolutely wild, and when the win was finally confirmed, the crowd was ecstatic. Germany had way more fans present than Argentina, no doubt due to a feeling of European brotherhood and a large presence of German visitors, and that was reflected in the masses of celebrations all around.

I have to say though, the Big Screen was definitely the star of the match. I had a huge amount of fun, and it felt like so much more of an event than just watching from home. You can't beat a sea breeze while watching your team score, right?

Victoria xx

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  1. That is the cutest thing!! I wish they did something like that near me! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I know, imagine if it popped up all over the UK! So much fun :)